Welcome to the National Association of Independent Reviewing Officers.

NAIRO is the National Association for Independent Reviewing Officers. It is a registered charity with the Charity Commission, Number 1159275 registered on 19.11.2014.

NAIRO is a membership organisation for IRO practitioners. Membership is also available for others in who have an interest in the role and who support and work towards NAIRO’s aims. This includes IRO managers, practitioners and academics from across the sector who are working and involved with children and young people in care.” Our aims
• To improve outcomes for children and young people who are looked after in England and Wales be maximising the positive impact of the reviewing process. We do this through
• Working in partnership with other child care organisations to strengthen the profile and role of the IRO
• Influencing the legal and policy framework
• Developing measures to support IROs and improve practice Current activities
• Co – ordination of a National steering group in partnership with the other child care charities young people, the DFE and Judiciary –
• Participating in the national campaign to improve advocacy services
• Provision of learning and development for IROs – Training and events page
• Provision of an annual national conference for IROs with a reduced rate for members. In light of the impact of the coronavirus the anticipated date of the 10th annual conference is 18. March 2021. The summary of the last national conference is available here
• Consultation and feedback with the IRO network – NAIRO Twitter ,
• Conversations and feedback through the IRO Google network.
• Participating in networks across the child care sector in care in seeking to improve outcomes for children and young people.

Breaking news

  • Contribute to the consultation about the Changes to the adoption and children regulations – closes 11.45 on 5.8.2020 – Click here
  • Nairo is co- ordinating the forum which is working in partnership with other organisations in the sector ,( DFE , CAFCASS , LGA NAIROMP )to make proposals to enhance the effectiveness of IROs. We are organising a series of consultation workshops in which NAIRO members can participate . The provisional dates are Wednesday 29.7.20 at 9.30am, Wednesday 29.7.20 at 12.30pm, Wednesday 5.8.20 at 9.30am, Wednesday 5.8.20 at 12.30pm. If you would like to participate contact us at info@nairo.org.uk
  • Nairo has held its first virtual drop in for members – we are planning to facilitate this on a monthly basis for members – Watch this space !
  • The impact of the coronavirusNAIRO general statement
  • Article 39 children’s rights charity has been granted permission for a judicial review of the Department for Education’s removal and dilution of children’s legal protections pushed through overnight in April, under the guise of COVID-19. Given the seriousness of the legal changes, and the vulnerability of the affected children, Article 39 asked the court for the case to be expedited; this has also been agreed and the High Court hearing will take place on 27 and 28 July for more information – see here
  • And finally … a message from the North West London NHS foundation trust that resonates for all of us.


  1. You are not “working or learning from home “, you are “at home in a crisis, trying to work or learn”.
  2. Your personal, physical, mental and emotional health is far more important than anything else right now.
  3. You should not try to compensate for lost productivity by working longer hours.
  4. You will be kind to yourself and not judge how you are coping based on how you see others coping.
  5. You will be kind to others and not judge how they are coping based on how you are coping .
  6.  Your or your Team’s success will not be measured the same way it was when things were normal.

Forthcoming news

  • Please take part in our survey which is designed to canvass the impact of the new legislation across England as well as a general “temperature check” as to the experience of IROs in England and Wales. This will be available on Friday 7th August 2020.
  • The results of the benchmarking survey undertaken at the last National conference will also be available in the members area shortly – watch this space.