What is an IRO ?

If you are a child or young person in care you will have regular meetings with the people who are involved in caring and supporting you. The reason for the meeting is make sure that your “ care plan “ which is a plan for your life so long as you are in care , is right for you, What you feel and think about is a really important part of this.

Your IRO should:
• Talk to you alone, about what is happening in your life and what you think about it.
• Find out if you are happy about where you are living and who you are living with.
• Speak to you about whether you are happy with arrangements for seeing your family and communicating with them.
• Ask you about any worries you may have about school or college.
• Talk to the Council and your social worker about the plans they have for you, and ask you if you are happy about these plans.
• You have many rights and entitlements in law that the IRO should make sure you know about and that you are getting.
The IRO should make sure your review meeting is held at a place and time that is good for you, and that you feel comfortable with. They should ask you who you want to come to your meeting and should respect your wishes. They should run the meeting in a way that you feel happy with. If you would like to run “ chair “ the meeting yourself , they should support you to do this.


Good practice examples
• Sutton Council scraps Council tax for care leavers up to age 25 – What happens in your Local Authority ? Click here to read

Affinity Fostering Video

Please click here to see Affinity Fostering Video that was made by members of the Voices Group at Affinity Fostering.

Affinity’s young person group, “Voices” created this video to try and implement change in the ongoing practice of where Child in Care Reviews are held, highlighting that these should not be held in school.

The group presented their work at the NAIRO conference 2019 and their video was showcased at the NAIRO conference 18.03.2021.