Dear all

NAIRO AGM April 24th at 2.00 pm – virtual meeting to go ahead

We have decided we will go ahead with our AGM on Friday, April 24th at 2 PM. We felt this would be better than postponing it to a date goodness knows how long in the future. We felt we would be able to conduct an effective meeting using meeting software. We will hold a virtual meeting using Zoom and details are below about how to join the meeting.

Please find attached chairs report, financial report, and the agenda for the meeting. We do hope many of you will be able to join us and share ideas about the development of the organisation.

We will hold the AGM at 2 PM and when it is finished we will move on to one of our normal board meetings. Anyone who would like to stay for that will be very welcome to do so.

Our business support officer, Michelle will shortly put round joining instructions. Please do contact Michelle at if you need any extra assistance.

We look forward to “seeing” many of you on April 24th.

Best regards

Jon Fayle and Paul Smart

Co-chairs of NAIRO