Save The Date: Family Justice Council Debate
Should the age of majority be reduced to 16?
Wednesday 8th December: 5.30pm-7.30pm
Attendance in person at Prince Philip House, London or via live stream- Free


Training for New and Aspiring IROs
Facilitator: Jon Fayle
Friday 10th December 2021: 9.30am-1.30pm

This course will cover all aspects of the role of the IRO. It will include:

• The background and rationale for the role of the IRO
• The legal framework underpinning the work of the IRO
• The review process – preparing for and conducting the review, and follow up tasks
• Dilemmas in practice – examination of case scenarios
• The IRO toolkit

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Key Priorities for Education Recovery in the Wake of COVID-19 – Raising Attainment, Student Catch-up, and Improving Social Mobility – Westminster Education Forum Policy Conference
Tuesday 11th January 2022:  9am-1pm (registration from 8.30am)
Chaired by Christian Wakeford MP, Chair – All-Party Parliamentary Group on T-Levels
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The Challenge of Challenge
Facilitator: Jon Fayle
Friday 25th February 2022:  9.30am-1.30pm

The course will cover the following topics:

• Exploration of the element of challenge in the IRO role and its justification
• Legal framework underpinning the IROs power and duty to challenge
• Dispute resolution processes and resolving differences at an early stage
• The role of CAFCASS
• Cases that go to court
• Case examples of challenge – group discussion and exercises
• Support for IROs who challenge
• Risks to IROs of challenging and how to mitigate those risks

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Barnardos Toolkit – Relevant for IROs
Criminal, Civil and Partnership Disruption Options for Perpetrators of Child and Adult Victims of Exploitation
NWG Network
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Recent Court Judgements

Please see below the recent court judgements that relate to the responsibility of local authorities in this regard and the most recent survey as to how local authorities across the country are progressing in terms of implementing this responsibility.

As of 26 November 2020, of the 3,300 looked after children and care leavers identified by the survey as eligible to apply, 1,520 applications to the EUSS had been received (46%). 980 (64%) of these applications had been decided, of which 840 (86%) had resulted in a grant of settled status and 140 (14%) in a grant of pre-settled status.

NAIRO Conference:

NAIRO holds an annual national conference.

The short summary report of the 10th conference 18.03.2021 can be found here 

The full report can be seen here in the members’ area


Our training addresses key practice issues to ensure IROs are well prepared to support young people as they navigate the variety and complexity of life.

Much of the training we have so far undertaken has been directly commissioned by individual local authorities, with a view to strengthening the capacity of IROs to challenge effectively.

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Learning and development training programme for 2021

All training will take place virtually on Zoom.

Please let us know if this would create any particular difficulty for you in your organisation by contact us.

  • New and aspiring IROs – click here for course description
  • The Challenge of Challenge – click here for course description
  • Participation and Decision making – click here for course description