NAIRO provides high quality, affordable training and consultancy for IROs and allied professionals working with looked after children.

Our training addresses key practice issues to ensure IROs are well prepared to support young people as they navigate the variety and complexity of life.

Our training is provided by highly experienced IROs and leading figures from the field. We include elements of case-work to ensure it can be immediately relevant to current professional practice.

Much of the training we have so far undertaken has been directly commissioned by individual local authorities, in relation to strengthening the capacity of IROs to challenge effectively. It has been very well received.

We are diversifying our offer this year, in particular to develop a core module about children’s participation in the reviewing process. The four main areas of training that we are currently able to offer are

• training for new or aspiring IROs
• effective challenge
• children’s participation in reviews
• IROs and foster carers working together

We would be happy to discuss bespoke training we might offer a particular local authority (or perhaps groups of authorities) around these issues.

Please note, our training fees are significantly lower for NAIRO members.

Ideas about training from members and others are welcome, please email We are also seeking to extend our pool of trainers, so if you are interested in becoming a NAIRO trainer, please do get in touch.

Partnership with Edge Hill University

NAIRO has entered a partnership with Edge Hill University to promote training and practice development for IROs. One aspect of this partnership was the highly successful joint conference we held with them at their university campus at Ormskirk last October.

We are also collaborating with Edge Hill on training, and will be offering modules in partnership with them, which will cover the IROs role in more depth, in particular placing the IROs in the wider social policy context and examining relevant research findings into IROs effectiveness. This module can be offered to a single local authority or a group of local authorities, and is very good value for money.

Raising Practice Standards

We have also developed an “IRO toolkit” (click here) containing measures which we believe may help to raise standards of IRO practice. Please do contact us if you would like advice on how to use these measures


We offer consultancy to local authorities about their IROs service. In particular we have undertaken a review of the IRO service for a large County authority, which analysed the effectiveness of the service and made recommendations for improvement and development.


NAIRO is passionate about promoting the welfare and improving the outcomes for looked after children, particularly by enhancing the effectiveness of the reviewing process. Part of this ambition may be met through providing high quality training.

If you think we may be able to assist you  in these matters please do not hesitate to contact us. Please contact Michelle Safo (our Business Support Officer) at