Improving the IRO service

NAIRO is coordinating a steering group involving main agencies to look at improving the IRO service.

The steering group has members from

• Local Government Association
• Cafcass
• Judiciary

We are using our improvement plan (attached) as a starting point. We have identified 4 main strands of work around which we want to develop proposals.

These are

1. enhancing the strategic impact of the IRO service
2. IRO’s and the courts
3. managing and supporting IRO teams
4. renewing guidance and regulations

The idea is that we will generate proposals in the first three areas on which we will consult. Measures that seem sensible and have general agreement, we hope may be used to amend existing guidance and regulations, most importantly the IRO Handbook. We hope that this initiative will fit well with the government’s stated intention in its election manifesto to conduct a review of services for looked after children.

If anyone has any further ideas or wishes to contribute to this process, please do get in touch at

Jon Fayle
Co Chair of NAIRO