Dear all

NAIRO is very aware of the extra pressures and anxieties that will be imposed by the recent crisis on  IROs and others involved in the care system. In particular, difficult decisions about when and how to organise meetings will have to be taken. We hope you will use our Google group facility to share worries dilemmas ideas and potential solutions.

If you want to discuss something in confidence please send an email to  A NAIRO trustee will get back to you asap.

Some (rather obvious) ideas we have (apart of course of following government guidance) include

·       think carefully about whether face-to-face meetings are really necessary and whether “virtual” meetings using Skype/zoom type software might be good enough

·       where cases are stable, maximum use of our powers to not hold physical meetings should be made as set out in March 2015 Statutory Guidance “Permanence, long-term foster placements and ceasing to look after a child” (see attached, pages 9, 10)

NAIRO will be writing to the Children’s Minister shortly to urge that temporary guidance is issued to permit greater local discretion on these matters, depending on the professional judgement of IROs and others, who need to assess and balance the risks of the various options. Please let us know good ideas you may have that we could suggest to the Minister.

BASW is making a very helpful representation to government and employers about Covid 19, calling on employers to make sure arrangements are made to ensure safety and minimise risks for social workers, while maintaining essential services. See press release link here.

BASW are also conducting survey of social workers about their experience in the crisis – would be good if we participated. Link below.

In the meantime good luck and stay well!

Best regards,

Paul Smart and Jon Fayle Co-chairs of NAIRO