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NAIRO is the professional membership association for Independent Reviewing Officers.

Our overriding aim is to improve outcomes for looked after children in England and Wales. To achieve this aim we are committed to working with others to influence the legal, policy and practice framework to benefit children in care and care leavers. In 2016 – 17 we successfully campaigned with many other organisations for the removal of the exemption clauses from the Children & Social Work Bill. We believed that the clauses posed a threat to the rights of children in care and that the role of the IRO would be reduced or removed, leaving children in care without the crucial role of the IRO in ensuring that the local authority fulfils its responsibilities to all the children it looks after.

NAIRO is also committed to developing effective tools to support IROs and improve practice as well as high quality training specifically for IROs. We have a lively members forum in which knowledge, skills and experience are freely shared (as well as a lot of wry humour!)

To support everything that IROs achieve for children in care NAIRO works to strengthen the understanding of the IRO role amongst children, families, children’s service managers and other organisations working with children in care and care leavers.

Our associate members are not currently working as IROs but are committed to the same aims as NAIRO and contribute their broad knowledge and experience to NAIRO.

We have the most inspiring patrons who support and challenge us consistently

NAIRO holds an annual conference in October each year which is a repeated success in terms of stimulating speakers and IRO relevant topics and the most amazing good value.

If you are not already a member then come and join us. You won’t regret it

Jon Fayle and Paul Smart

CO-Chairs of NAIRO