Message to NAIRO from Children’s Minister Nadhim Zahawi

Children’s Minister Nadhim Zahawi offers strong statement of support for the IROs role in message to NAIRO conference on 18.10.18. He says we are the “grit in the oyster” which can produce the pearl. He encourages us to take measures to improve our effectiveness and to work with his department in promoting constructive change.

NAIRO Briefing Document

This briefing document (Click here to download) is now in the public domain and can be distributed to whomever you think would be helpful. Hope it will help you make the arguments for the IRO role in your local areas.

Should the IRO be abolished?
Community Care

The strongest response has come from the National Association of Independent Reviewing Officers (NAIRO). In a statement, it said: “If accepted by government, this recommendation would remove vital independent oversight and protection from children…’

What is to be done about Children’s Advocacy?
Children & Young People Now
Carolyne Willow

Fabulous piece by Nairo patron Carolyne Willow. She, and others, speak so much sense. The @reviewCSC refuses to engage with anyone that offers any challenge or criticism.

Children’s Social Care Review Launched

This review was launched on 23.5.22. Here is a link to it.

Final Report – The Independent Review of Children’s Social Care (

Here is a helpful commentary on the report by Article 39

Care review urges major reorganisation of children’s social care – Article 39

Although it contains some proposals with which we might agree it shockingly recommends that the IRO service should be abolished and replaced by a beefed up advocacy service (pages 137 – 142) NAIRO believes this is a dangerous and unwise proposal that seriously erodes fundamental protections for children in care. It misunderstands the nature of the IRO role and how it is different from the advocacy role. A strengthened advocacy service would be greatly welcomed, but it cannot replace the IRO service. We will be campaigning strongly against abolition. Here is a link to our press release. [Click here]

The change would require primary legislation and the report suggests the government should put through “a new bill in the final session of this Parliament” following a White Paper. We will do all we can to persuade and convince our friends in and out of Parliament that this is a dangerous change, threatening the rights and welfare of children in care and should not go ahead.  If you are an IRO who is not a member of NAIRO, we suggest now is the time to join!

The Social Care Review

NAIRO has released a report for the government review of children’s social care. Here is a link to the report. The report argues that the role of the IRO is essential to protect the rights and welfare of children in care and makes robust recommendations for the strengthening and improvement of the service. In particular, the report makes recommendations for improving the strategic influence of the service developing and protecting its independence, and strengthening the capacity for effective challenge when this is needed.

Care Review – Case for Change

First report of the independent review of Children’s Social Care.

The review team have published the first report which summarises their findings to date in regard to the matters to be addressed.
The report poses a number of questions for consideration and consultation. You can see the two versions of the Case for Change below:

Case for Change Report

Case for Change CYP

Care Review Update
Independent Review of Children’s Social Care
Click here to read an update on the work of the independent review of children’s social care.

Local Government Ombudsman recommends review of homelessness applications from 16 and 17-year-olds following failure to accommodate a child under Section 20 Children Act 1989